Kashima-Shinryū鹿島神流is a traditional Japanese school of martial art (koryū bujutsu), tracing its roots back to the fencing techniques of Kashima-no-Tachi. Following a curriculum dating back to the 16th century, practitioners ofKashima-Shinryūstudy a variety of combat disciplines, including the sword (kenjutsu), grappling (jūjutsu), the halberd (naginatajutsu), the spear (sōjutsu), the knife (kaikenjutsu), and short and long staff (jōjutsuandbōjutsu).Based in traditional teaching techniques,Kashima-Shinryūdoes not include any modern sportive elements such as group drills, sparring, or tournaments. Instruction instead relies on paired teacher-student exercises, and is provided onlyon a non-commercial basis with the explicit authorisation of the current headmaster (shihanke).


The special journal edition dedicated to last year’s symposium on“Bushido in Transformation”has now been published.

The next Intensive Practice in Europe is being organised by the Finland Chapter. All current practioners ofKashima-Shinryū are welcome to attend. Please contact us for details.

The London Chapter has space available for one new student to begin practice. If you are interested, or would like to observe a practice, pleasecontact us.

He moves like God’s
Immaculate machine
He makes me think about
All of these extra movements I make
And all of this herky-jerky motion
And the bag of tricks it takes
To get me through my working day

-One Trick Pony”, P. Simon

Kashima-Shinryū Federation of Martial Sciences 2018